Supporting the education of financially underprivileged yet academically bright students, the Anatolian Scholarship Program, with an innovative financing strategy, continues to be the primary focus of the University’s fundraising efforts.  Funds for Anatolian Scholarships are raised from corporate and individual donors and are utilized to cover tuition, on-campus accommodation, textbook expenses and monthly stipend.  As an exemplary social responsibility initiative that brings the University together with business leaders, the Program engages donors in addressing the vital issue of equality in access to higher education in Türkiye.

Scholarships granted under the Anatolian Scholarship Program will continue throughout the regular duration of their study at Koç University. The regular duration of study corresponds to the Foreign Language Preparatory Program (ELC) plus four years for students.  The scholarship period for double major students is extended for another year. If the students benefiting from the Anatolian Scholarship Program are admitted to the School of Medicine, the term of their scholarship will correspond to 7 years (1 year of ELC + 6 years).