The Anatolian Scholarship Program has helped us observe the need for equal access to education in our country and makes us share the dreams of young people who envision a bright and aspiring future. After the 10th anniversary of our program, we are extremely proud to have had the opportunity to be acquainted with many bright students in many different cities far and wide in our country, who are full of hope and who would like to enrich their futures. We have seen the glow in their eyes and felt their excitement. In a short period of time, we have managed to create a trusting, warm bond among our scholars, their families and teachers. We have thus expanded the Koç University family with the brilliant youth of Anatolia. And our scholars have become the living examples of the emphasis our university places on education and our country’s development.

In this journey that we have embarked with the enthusiasm of producing well-rounded graduates for our society, we are able to bring more and more students closer to the future they have envisioned with the help of our donors sharing our vision. We take courage in the fact that, the Anatolian Scholarship Program, which initiated with solely 14 students, have now reached 1453 scholars.

The Anatolian Scholar Program has been all but a spring of hope for successful students to reach the educational setting they imagine and receive the education they deserve. Thousands of candidates, who have been placed in the top one percentile in the university placement exams, apply to our program. The growing number of applicants from each and every corner of our country underlines the need for equal opportunity in education in Türkiye. Thanks to the Anatolian Scholarship Program, we can provide access to high-quality education to an ever-growing number of students each year.

As the Corporate Relations and Development Office, we are meticulous in advancing donor-scholar relations. Both the institutions and the individuals contributing to the Anatolian Scholarship Program follow the progress of their respective scholars closely, observe their career developments and are keen to introduce them to their own institutions and the sectors in which they operate. In light of our mission to integrate our scholars as knowledgeable, conscientious and responsible individuals into the society, we thank our donors for their belief in and their contributions to our program.

Zeynep Başak Çivi

Director of Corporate Relations and Development