Koç University aims to contribute to science and knowledge on a global level by bringing together successful students with highly-esteemed faculty members and serve our country and humanity as an exemplary center of education and research. With an outstanding number of awards from Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA) and Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TÜBİTAK), our university ranks in the top tier today. Our faculty members, crowned with countless TÜBA-GEBİP awards, have received utmost recognition across the nation so far. As a young institution of only 28 years, where we stand today is a clear reflection of success and perseverance.

Providing needy students with the academic and social resources at our institution, contributing to scientific advancement and playing an important role as a stakeholder in the progress of our society underlies the mission of our university. The precious support from philanthropists and corporates, all sharing our vision, accelerates our progress towards our goals.

In developed countries such as the US, for instance, scholarships are handed out to students who are in financial need. Thus, the leading universities worldwide can recruit high-potential students regardless of their socio-economic background and shape them into well-rounded global citizens. When the brightest of minds access top-quality education, the universities can enhance their contribution to science and knowledge even more. In our country, the majority of the outstanding students are in financial need. Challenged by financial obstacles, these students cannot enroll at the universities they actually deserve. Therefore, it is not always possible to bring the best students into the top universities here. As this diminishes the contribution of the universities to science and knowledge, it also creates a setback for the use of the young potential in our country. In order to help our developing economy and society, this vicious cycle needs to be broken.

With the launch of the Anatolian Scholarship Program in 2011, we aim to reach bright yet needy students throughout our country and provide them with the resources at Koç University. The funds we receive from our donors bring students from underdeveloped regions in Anatolia one step closer to their dreams. Thanks to the Anatolian Scholarship Program, these students can access outstanding education and grow into responsible and conscientious individuals adding to their society. In other words, we strive to match young, bright minds with donors that are supporting our focus.

Starting out with 14 students, the Anatolian Scholarship Program has so far reached 1453 students. As we are happy to provide them with academic and social opportunities here, we are also proud to witness their accomplishments. With the valuable support of our donors, who believe in the mission of our institution, we feel eager to gear young people up as the backbone of society in building our country’s future.

Our donors’ funds improve our society in the long run, and we are proud to observe this change. We thank our precious donors and invite more philanthropists and corporations to contribute to our future by supporting the Anatolian Scholarship Program. Let us carry these brilliant, young people into the future together with our donors who are leaders of our society.

All prospective students, we encourage you to join the Anatolian Scholarship Program, which has changed the lives of many with the generous support of our donors. We look forward to welcoming you in the Koç University family and seeing you strive for our country and the world in the light of knowledge.


Umran S. İnan
Advisor to the Board of Trustees